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Friday, April 10, 2009

lil update...

crazy things a baby inside of you will make you do..

-Last week in the nursery this little girl Sidni wanted to take off her black sweater, so I took it off of her & put it in her bag. I know which bag is hers, b/c it's my favorite one, AND she has her name on it. When it was time for her to go, the black sweater was no where to be fond. Come to find out I had put it in Emmarie's bag...not Sidni's & Emmarie's parents had already come to get her, and left. I had to explain to the poor parents what I had done.

-Going to the post office to get stamps, & came back out to my car--WHERE ARE MY KEYS? Ran back inside, hadn't left them on the counter. I only had my wallet & phone in hand, & my purse was in the passenger seat, WITH MY KEYS IN IT.

-Not once, not twice, but THREE times in the last week, I have parked my car, grabbed my purse & tried to get out of my car...later realizing my car was still running.

-My driving has seen to have gotten ALOT worse. I never really thought it was bad, but Jake sure does comment on my terrible driving alot now. I'm starting to realize it's just the pregnancy.

-I eat 20+ hershey kisses a day at work, but I can only grab 4-5 at a time to not feel so bad.

-I'm hungry ALL the time. The mention, smell or THOUGHT of food gets me ready to eat, just ask my coworkers.

-It takes me a while to get out what I really mean. For example..."I ate Macaroni Grill....I mean McAslister's....I mean GAH!!!--Michaelangelo's leftovers for lunch today."

-I now feel more comfortable in a size medium t-shirt...I steal them out of G's closet to wear.

-I rubberband my pants button everyday now. I only feel comfortable in a/b 2 pairs of my jeans.

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