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Thursday, April 16, 2009

few things...

-I look bigger with a shirt covering my belly than w/o one. & there's pretty much no doubt I'm pregg now.

-A consistent thing I crave it Cheez-Itz. I stop @ gas stations to get some every once & a while.

-Most nights (especially this week) I don't get home till 830-9 from working on so much wedding stuff/trying to get the new house set up/dinner/more wedding stuff.../g's baseball games. I'm learning to use my time wisly-er. lol..

-We rearranged our entire office today...it was CRAZY there for an hour or 2!

-I went to buy Jake's ring today, but they had sold out of it. Luckily she could order me a new one that would be in by Tuesday. I'm getting it engraved on the inside w/ "TTMAB" which means To The Moon & Back...we always say, "I love you to the moon & back." He doesn't know a/b it so I'm excited!

-I'm collecting pictures of Kris Allen stuff a/r town..but I have yet to sit down & upload them to put them on here.

-I'm afraid my time to blog & what not will not really increase after the wedding, b/c I will just be trying to get the house all organized & set up...not to mention the NURSERY!!!

Guess thats all for tonight...WEEKEND TOMORROW!!!

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