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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

eight. 9. ten. {11 months}

it's hard to believe that my lil booger turned 11 months old yesterday.  wow how times flies.  it made me realize i better kick it into gear for the big birthday party!  i'm sure I say it every month, but he has definitely changed more in the last month than any other month!
-He started walking @ 10.5 months and has.not.stopped.since.  OH MY!  No one tells you that the walking stage is harder than the newborn stage!
-I moved him up to size 4 diapers!
-He is wearing 12-18 month clothing...
-Into EVERYTHING.   I pop his hand and it does not bother the child a bit!  ha!
-He loves grilled cheese.
-Isn't loving real fruit (aka not the baby food kind)...we're working on it though.
-He has improved a lot with his sippy cup, but still working on the transition.
-Size 4ish shoe...but I bought size 6 for the fall.
-4 teeth.  2 on top 2 on the bottom.
-He's not interested in any of HIS toys.  Only things he shouldn't have!
-His eyes change colors depending on what he's wearing.
-Always still so happy, but can be a TOOT for sure!
-Loves the church nursery...but happy to see me when I get there!
-Eating out has gotten to be a handful...but still fun!
-He is in his big boy car seat & facing the front and loves it so.much.better!
-He can give people five.
-Act like he's on the phone when you say "hello"
-When you ask him if he's a crazy boy...he shakes his head "no" but in a CRAZY way!  :P
-Can point to someone's nose when asked.
-He has quit saying "bye-bye" and only waves now.
-He pushed open the glass front door today (when it wasn't locked, but while I was watching) & stepped out onto the front porch & acted like it was no big deal!
-He tends to ignore me when he wants to!  HA!
-Somehow, someway he can always find my camera and get a hold of it!
-He can grab anything off of furniture if he reaches hard enough!
-I have even caught him standing up on ledges of furniture to be able to reach the top of it.  OMG.
-He went on his first vacation & did great!!
-Who knew someone so little & who hasn't been with me very long could be so special & bring so much joy into my life each & everyday!  I love you Punkin'!

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