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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pool Day!

Today was a chill day.  Punkin' woke me up bright and early & we ate some breakfast & I made some coffee!  We got our suits on, blew up the floaty, got our towels, got lil Punkin' all sunscreened up, and headed out the door!
JT woke up as we were heading out the door & decided to go with us.  It was so funny because here we are...boy, girl & baby.  JT carrying Ryder I might add.  JT said, "Everybody's gonna think I'm his dad..."  Sho*nuff...  JT had Ryder in the deep end & a guy asked, "How olds your baby?"  Haha!  We should have just played it off...but we didn't!
I brought Punkin' back to take a nap and I headed out to lay out!  He woke up around 1:30 when I came back to the condo and that child did not go back to bed till 10 o'clock.  Oh.EM.GEE.  He was so tired he could barely walk straight all night long...& he just fought it & fought it & fought it!  I finally got the poor baby down!  Maybe he'll sleep in! 
He got these out of his bag and pulled them out.  ONE.BY.ONE.  That child is too funny!  He also put his finger UP my nose earlier today...he loved it.  He's crazy!  :P  But in a good way!  He is always making us LAUGH!

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