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Saturday, August 7, 2010

the things my Punkin' can do...

I've been waiting for this day to happen.  It finally did.  Sweet sweet boy!
He has a toy cell phone that he just loves, so earlier this week I put it up against my ear and said "hello".  He started putting his hand up by his ear like he had a cell phone when ever someone said "hello".  I couldn't believe he understood so fast!  Uncle G had given him an old cell phone and he started walking around with it up against his ear today!  Who knew he even knew what a cell phone was!

KeeKee taught him this week that this "dog" looks like our dog Trixi.  So when we open up the book and say, "Where's Trixi" he smiles REAL big and points to the dog (here he is pointing with his cell phone!)  HA!

I'm working on all the other words in the book with him.  Not going as well as "Trixi" though!  I got him some new word book for his birthday as well as some colors!  I can't wait to work on them with him!

He can also sign "all done" when he is finished eating.  We are working on "more".

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