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Sunday, August 22, 2010


Run down on the last few weeks of life...

The week before we moved, Kelly, Ryder & I ran to LR for a quick dinner trip w/ Kyle.  Ryder LOVES Kyle & Kyle loves him!  Ha!  Kyle likes to make him do "Crazy Boy"!  HAHA!  We ate @ Izzy's and I was still on my grill cheese tomato basil kick at the time!
Not as good as Hammontree's...but it'll do!

We got to move into our house a day earlier than planned which was semi nice & semi HECTIC!  Everything is finally (well almost) here and put in it's place except for a few things...I guess it just takes time!

A few days after we moved in, it was time.to.get.out.of.the.house!  Kelly, Ryder & I met Pooh in LR for a little lunch date @ Pei Wei.  We always seem to go there..it's just SO good!  Punkin' was so good at lunch & enjoyed some rice!  :)  It was great to see Pooh before she went back to school & things get completely HECTIC till after Homecoming (which BTW I canNOT wait for TUNES!)
We headed outside after we were done eating and Punkin' ran up and down the sidewalk.  The three of us had to take turns walking with him because he was wearing.me.out going back and forth!  HA!  He is just a lil boy FULL of some crazy energy!

Apparently I have a cleaner on my hands!  :P  After cleaning up here & there the other day Punkin' would literally "vacuum" the floor when I was done!  He did this for 15-20 minutes.  It kept him quite, and let me get some stuff done!  HA!
This should show you that I actually DO clean if he knows how to mimic me!  :P
He was having a blast!  Couldn't get enough of it!  He's also been getting in the pantry & getting the feather duster out & "sweeping" the floor.  I've finally just made it his toy...not a clean utensil!  :P

A few nights before Kelly moved back to school, we all cooked dinner over here!  It was alot of fun!  We had good'ole southern Poppyseed Chicken with bread and salad!  & sweet tea of course!
Jonathan feeding Punkin!
The girls busy in the kitchen!  I couldn't ask for better friends to hang out with these last few weeks of summer!
Of course we cooked a few of these...and played some cards later that night.  Which BTW..I'm pretty good at ERS...and WON BS two times in a row...WITHOUT LYING.  Just sayin...

Today, Jake & I took Punkin' to Toys R Us in LR to do a little birthday shopping.  We knew we wanted to get him just one main big present and call it done! 

We had fun shopping around and trying some crazy hats on Punkin!  I wish he would leave them on his head!
I think this one's HA.LAR.IOUS!  It looks like the little leprechaun is waving at you!  HA!  :P

So...sad story.  THIS is what we ended up getting him.  After we saw it, we knew that that was the present perfect for Punkin', no questions asked.  We even bought a two year warranty on it...in case I do anything crazy like run over it in the driveway or something.  I knew Punkin' may not be able to make it go quite just yet...but surely he will before long!

So...I throw it in the back of the truck while Jake's getting Punkin' buckled in his seat.  No big deal.  It wasn't heavy or anything.  We stopped & got some ice cream and headed back to town. 

We're driving across the Arkansas River Bridge and this guy in a car beside us has his window rolled down waving towards the back of the truck saying something...I immediately look back and the 4wheeler.is.gone.  I balled.  & balled.  & balled.  & balled.  I was so upset.  I'm still upset about it.  I told Jake to turn around, & that we had to go get it.  He said there was not way he was going to turn around and come back, pull over on the skinny shoulder of the bridge to get a 4wheeler.  No.  I was then even MORE upset.  But after a while I calmed down when Jake knocked some sense into me saying..."It can be replaced."  He's right...but I felt SO bad, and like it was all.my.fault.  It wasn't my fault...but I do feel bad.  Punkin' better enjoy this 4wheeler!  I'm gonna order another one online tomorrow...  :/  BTW...I cried telling my parents the story.  I guess next time I'll know better!

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  1. Kati,

    That is sooooo sad! I am sorry! UGH! what an evening! Did it just fly out? how is the party planning coming?


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