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Friday, August 27, 2010

Back to school for Mommy!

So...back to school for Mommy today!  It actually went quite well, except for I was late to my first class because I couldn't find a dang parking spot!  UHH!  UCA!  Oh well!

I have been a busy lil bee ALL week trying to get stuff done & taking care of before school starts.  Buying books, paying tuition, returning stuff to stores, grocery shopping, school supplies, stuff for Punkin' while I'm gone etc.

I am so lucky to have a babysitter come in our home & watch him while I'm in class!  WHAT A BLESSING!  I love knowing that he is in his own environment doing HIS thing on HIS routine..NOT someone else's!  She said he was good today...but we'll see!  The fits are starting to get more dramatic and more frequent.  From my sweet lil boy you ask?  YES!!!  When I got home he was like, "Oh yeah!  Mommy...I forgot a/b you!  :P"  So that was a good feeling knowing he was glad to see me but didn't really "miss" me ya know!?

Dad took us out to eat one day this week.  Punkin' loves his Pops so much...you can just tell how excited he is to see him EVERY TIME!
Do they not look JUST alike?!

I am afraid that this is what our nights are going to look like from now on.  Homework.  Homework...and a little more homework.  For me, Amy & G.  G is in Algebra II this year and math is not his best subject (:P)!  I have always enjoyed & been willing to help him with math (especially since that's what I'm going to school for!).  He is doing things I haven't done in years...so it takes me a bit to remember how to do things!  If I don't know how to do them, then surely Amy does!  She's a math major...STRAIGHT up!  Ha!

I think between the two of us...we might have helped him out a little bit!  At least he did his homework! :P  He is going to make an A in this class if it's up to us!

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