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Friday, August 6, 2010

Not such a perfect day on the lake...

The whole time we were on vacation is was 100 plus degrees and sunny ALL.DAY.LONG.  The one day we have rented a boat for the morning, it is cloudy & overcast.  We decided to just go for it cause you couldn't get you money back.  

We spent part of the morning driving AWAY from the clouds and the rain!  Ha!  Like we were going to out run the storm or something!
Punkin' loved being on the boat and did not cry once!  I love how he looked even chunkier in that biggo life vest!  
He went for a little dunk in the water after Uncle G got done tubing.

JT fixed his hair like that to match his!  The boys went and jumped some cliffs & stuff.  I wanted to get in but was too afraid of being cold after I got out of the water, because it was not SUNNY!

All that to say...it started POURING.DOWN.RAIN. not long after we got out there.  Harder than I have ever seen and we headed back to the mariana to turn in the boat.  BOO.  It was miserable.  I was so worried about our phones, cameras, video camera...and not to mention PUNKIN!  We jumped out of the boat, had to RUN through the rain to take cover, then RUN back through the rain to our car!  We just laughed and said we were making memories!  :P  I had to get a nasty pic of us DRENCHED in the back seat!

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