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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

visit to aunt dean's

Mid March...Aunt Dean was going to be celebrating her 91st birthday, so we planned a day to go and visit her!  She is my dad's mom (whom I never met)'s sister.  She never had kids of her own, so my dad and his sister were like "her kids".  She lives in her home semi-independently which is still so amazing to me!  We don't get to see her often, but it's always an enjoyable time when we do.  I'm so thankful she has gotten to see Ryder as much as she has.

Poppy fell asleep using Ryder as his pillow!
I made many memories on this porch growing up...now it's this guy's time! 
Ryder brought these flowers in for Aunt Dean...so I put them in the most perfect southern vase for her to enjoy! 
Aunt Dean has always been known for her chocolate cake.  When my mom and dad first got married, my mom tried SOO many different "homemade" chocolate cake recipes for my dad trying to make them as good as Aunt Dean's.  She never succeeded and finally had the guts to ask Aunt Dean for her recipe.  Aunt Dean told her "Oh honey...that's just Dunkan Hines cake mix!"  ...and now we know!

Up until the last couple of years, we never made a visit to see her and Uncle Joe without finding a freshly made, uncut chocolate cake, hidden underneath the lid, waiting for us when we got there.  Now we bring our own to carry on the tradition!  I'd like to say my mom's are just as good, but that might be a lie! ;)

I rarely drink milk...but when I do, it's always with a piece of chocolate cake! =)
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