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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fro Yo w. Kelly!

We had one busy week.. Mainly to blame on school.  I had an essay due Tuesday morning, and then another rough draft due on Thursday.  Before I even get done with one, I'm having to start another.  I took a "writing" break Wednesday night to get some FroYo with Kelly!-Ryder loves it too!  We ate our goods and then drove around beautiful Conway!
Only two more weeks of Summer 1 and I THINK I CAN MAKE IT!  Then I'll get to enjoy just me and my Punkin' for the rest of the summer!
Ryder telling Kelly what he wanted on his ice cream!
He is going to be walking before too long...you get him like this and he just TAKES OFF!  He is still too scared to actually take some steps by himself, but we're getting there!  I want to be a good blogger again soon...maybe after schools out!  I REALLY DO MISS IT!

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