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Friday, April 29, 2011

...my muddy, yet happy little boy!

So today, just as I was thinking I didn't have anything to blog about, because all we did today was run errands, & I hadn't really taken any pictures lately & I would probably just ramble on on my blog & maybe have another brain dump session.
 After we got home, I remember he had these new rubber boots.  I figured I'd let him play outside in the mud...he would LOVE it & it wouldn't hurt him...RIGHT?
 This is all it was for a while...just while he warmed up to the mud again.  & every time he was about to start to run thru, he would turn back & look as me, like for permission!  It was like he was saying, "are you SURE this is okay?!"  Such a sweet boy!

 {just so you can see what he looked like BEFORE!}
 & then THIS happened!  He fell straight face-plant style into the mud while running thru.  You could tell right at first that it scared him a little bit, but he immediately got up & just laughed & laughed at himself!  He was just SO happy & that made this Mama happy!

 I was trying so hard to get some pictures...& the crazy kid just tried to hug me & get ME muddy!  He knew EXACTLY what he was trying to do, & when I would run away, that just made him want to get me any more!  Such a sweet & silly boy!

 {I love this one!}
 {He almost got me here!  :P}
Then I made the crazy child come over by the house so I could hose him down!  He wasn't sure about it at first, but then he loved it!  Ha!

 I stripped him down on the back steps & brought him inside to bath that dirty boy!  He loves the bath, so he was just DOUBLE happy today!  =)

 His new thing when he gets out of the bath is to lay down & cover himself up "hide" from me & play "Pook-a-boo"
Tonight, we went & got some Quizno's then did a lil TJ Maxx shopping, like we usually do on Friday nights!  It's a good ritual & routine for the two of us!  :)


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