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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Popsicle & SCHOOL BUS!

I busted out the popsicles today for Punkin' while he was playing out in the hot summer heat!  Poor thing, his checks get SO red!  Dad tells me that "he's just fine though...he's a boy!"  

 I can see MANY popsicles outsides in my future!  :)

 Every day around the same time a school bus pulls down our street to drop a little girl off from school!  Ryder LOOOOVES school buses right now & can spot one while we're driving down the road before I can even see it!  I'm like "where baby?...oh right there!  your right...good!"  He is too funny!  We might just have to have a "school bus" birthday party!  :P

We spend so much time outside lately & I love it!  =) I can't wait to get the kiddy pool out & I'm thinking about getting a water mat!  & maybe a water table!  :P  Kids require so much "stuff"!


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