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Sunday, April 10, 2011

1st t-ball lesson from Mama & 19 months!

We're one month closer to the TWO YEAR mark of my sweet Punkin' being born!  I love this age!  We can communicate with each other, he can tell me what he wants, when he wants & can do things on his own, & play independently, but still needs his Mama for certain things!  =)  He will throw "trash" away (in the trash can) without me even having to ask sometimes, he puts everything "back" where it goes, maybe not always where it "goes" but where he saw it last!  He tells me when he's making a "mess" whether it be with his yogurt, it just a few drops of water from his "sippy".  He is just TOO much fun right now at this stage in life!
He got a t-ball & golf set for his birthday & I put it back in the closet so we could put it out in the spring & it would feel like he "got new toys", which he kinda did!  Saturday was the perfect day for us to pull it out of the closet & take it out in backyard to play with!  Poor Punkin' I couldn't get him dressed, myself dressed, shoes & socks on, water, my cell phone & camera fast enough for him!  He carried the thing all the way to the back door for me!

We finally got out there & got everything out of the box & got it all set up!  He was such a good helper!  He was so excited, he was jumping up & down  with PURE excitement!
The kid is obsessed with baseball!  We can't even drive through the UCA campus without him saying "beeees-ball".  I hope he grows up loving the sport as much as the rest of us do!

He actually did really well with hitting the ball on the tee.  We are going to have to work on where to stand and how to hold the bat, but he can hit the ball!  He will even go & pick up the ball & put it back on the T to hit it again!

{look at the concentration in those eyes!}
He was a thirsty little booger workin' hard out there! 

I love getting outside early with him on Saturday mornings before it's too hott & then coming in for naptime & lunch when it gets hott!  I foresee many days like this in the future with my sweet Punkin'!  I love these Mama & son times that we share together.  Us.  & only us!  =)

No...on to talk about what else this crazy 19 month old is doing!

19 month stats:

-24 month clothes are a lil big, except for shirts.  18 month shorts are fitting best, & 18-24 month jeans from ON are my fav. right now
-New words he can say that I can think of:  wagon, home, covers, snuggle, yogurt, breakfast bar, "vroom vroom vroom" (for a car or truck), tractor, school bus, mess (methhh), stuck, pimple (ha!), duck call, basketball, football, bat, pillow, what?
-Still in size 4 diapers
-He LOVES taking baths!  If we're somewhere & he doesn't want to go home, I just say we're gonna go take a bath, & he's out the door in a second!
-I feel like everything else he does, I already talk about on the blog!

He's growing up so fast & I can't believe it...I love this stage so SO much!

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