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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Bunny!

I'm almost embarassed to post this...but it happened, so I have to! :)

We made our way to LR for the first time after my wreck...I was a but nervous, but shouldn't have been!

We made it to the mall, after eating Chick in town (& for the first time I didn't let Ryder play because he didn't eat his chicken!).

There was no one there to see the Bunny but us...I had given Ryder last years picture so he could get used to the bunny. He held on to it the whole way there & seemed soooo excited. Wrong. The second he saw the bunny he jusy wasn't gonna have it!  I gave the bunny knuckles, high five...everything  but Ryder just did.not.care for him!

I finally just sat up there with him & the lady let us take multiple shots since no one else was in line.  I tickled him so he would smile & we finally got a good one!

And just for fun...here is last year's Bunny pic!  When he LOVED him.  Didn't think twice, just sat up there & smiled!  =)

I hope this is something I make a point to continue to do with him each year.  Even though he doesn't like him, I still took him & we still made a memory together.  That is what's important.  

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