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Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Easter!

We got up SUPER early (like 6:30) on Sunday to make it to the 8 o'clock service.  Me & Ryder have never seen that early in the morning together!  :P  Church was amazing as usually & I loved everyone being so thankful & grateful for our Risen Savior.  

We had time after church to come home & let Punkin' take a nap before we headed out to have Easter lunch with the fam!
 The Easter Bunny stopped by & brought Punkin' some new shirts, chalk, magna doodle, a camera like Mama, new toothbrush, & a Veggie Tales movie!  He was most excited about the camera!

 We didn't get any great pictures of the two of us, but that's just how it is in this season of life!  ;)  I had wanted us to wear purple but was afraid I wouldn't be able to find a dress in that color that I liked...but I did!  at the very first store too!  So, then I was on the hunt to find a Punkin' a purple shirt & I finally did!  Our outfits actually both came from the fab TJ Maxx!  (I'm thinking of doing a "Fab Find of the Week" from TJ each week...what do you think?!)
 {this just shows you a little bit about our relationship!}
 We LOVE KeeKee & Pop's new patio!  It is perfect for lil man to get out & run/ride around outside, & us not have to worry about him!

 We even had Uncle G wear purple!  He loves his Uncle G so so SO much!

Then we made our way to Naynee's for some food, fellowship & easter egg hunting!  Last year Punkin' couldn't really even crawl for eggs, but he did put a few in the bucket!  This year was so different & so much more fun!  =)

"KeeKee Bunny" got Punkin' a bucket full of goodies including a new swimsuit & top for this summer with skulls & crossbones on it!  He also got some more bath color changing tablets...we were almost out, & we could NOT have that!  :P  That's the first thing he grabbed out of the basket & just about the only thing he cared about!  He calls them "bleeeeeeeew!"  KeeKee Bunny also got him some candy, which this Easter Bunny didn't do!  :P

The Easter Bunny got me a Rhinestone Starter Kit for my Silhouette!  I can't wait to get started on some new crafts!

{I hope to make something cute like this hat}

The Linda Sue Easter Bunny never fails!  She likes to deliver with designer Easter eggs & they are always just SO CUTE!  Last year their were sports balls & insects!  This year there were animals & emergency vehicles!  TOO cute!  

 He really did do a great job with finding the eggs...I would lead him to them & he would get so excited, pick them up & put them in his bucket!  He didn't really care about what was inside though!  :P

 {He even managed to get two dollars!}

 {he LOVES his "lawn-mo-mo-wer"}
 {this made me get excited for Toad Suck Daze this weekend!}
 {their pretty new horses}

 Poor baby wasn't too sure about all the animals...pigs, goats, cows, horses & chickens!  He would make all their noises though & it was really cute!
We are very blessed to have family just an hour away that we can celebrate such special days with!


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