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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Egg Dye Time!

Thursday night, we DYED EGGS!  Pooh & Kelly were out of school on Friday, so Pooh stopped here for the night & Kelly joined us for some egg fun!  =)  This is exactly what we all did last year, so we were just trying to keep up the tradition!  You can see the post from last year here.
 I haven to say I had NOTHING to do with my child during the egg dyeing project.  His Aunties took the reigns.  They let him do a lot cooler things then I would have let him do too..so all was well!  :P

 {dropping his first egg in of the night!}
{this is his first & only egg last year!}

 Morgan came by...& after NOT saying Kelly's name all night after being asked to, he said Morgan's name right when she walked in!  :P  Haha!  It was awfully sweet though, it sounds more like "Mo-gan"!  She brought her dog with her & Ryder ended up chasing her all around the house...poor thing!

{& this picture is just too funny not to post!  Ryder dropped the egg & I caught it mid fall when Pooh came in for the save!}

We had a great time & some of the eggs turned out great...some...not so much.  But we had a blast with the girls!  I hope this is something we can continue to make a point to do...even though everybody's lives are about to change!  :)


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