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Monday, April 11, 2011

ESPN Madden 2012 Cover...

If you're from Arkansas, you probably know who this ole fella is.  It's cool to say I "went to High School" with him.  I was a little freshman when he was a senior!  :P  Even back then it was a "big deal" to see him on campus...He was a stud on the football team & the whole state knew it.  Of course he went on to play for the glorious Arkansas Razorbacks, because that's what every little boy from Arkansas dreams of!  :P

For four years we watched him do crazy things for the Razorbacks, never disappointing us.

I remember watching the Hogs play Tennessee IN NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE at the Grand Ole Opry Hotel in an Irish Pub cheering for our "PEYTY BABY" as him mom called him!  I promise you we were the only ones in that room cheering for the Hogs that day!  It was fun though to be watching him & hearing people talk about him, when he was from MY hometown!
He went on to play for the Denver Broncos after being drafted in 2008...& sticking with his traditional #22!

Now, he plays for the Cleveland Browns.  We will see him or hear about him being in town every once & a while...(he was here just last week for Fite Nite) so that's kinda neat!  

He's come a long way, & we can't disappoint him now!  

ALL that to say...ESPN is holding a contest to see who WE want to be on the cover of Madden 2012!  If you've ever heard of Kris Allen & wonder how he won American Idol, let's just say Conway does NOT disappoint when it comes to voting!  Peyton has made it through three rounds so far, & is now in the semi-finals to be on the COVER!  HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?!

So PLEASE...take 2 seconds out of your day & go here to vote for Peyton!  I think you can do it once a day, until April 18th & they will announce a winner!

EDIT:  I think you can only vote once from each device.  NOT once a day!  :/

PS.  I voted on the computer AND on my phone & they both worked!  :P

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