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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bad day gone good...

So...my doctor's appointment that I had today at 9:55?  Yeah, it didn't happen.  I swear this is like the fourth time I've had to reschedule this appointment, last time it snowed & today I had a wreck.

We had gotten up in plenty of time to eat breakfast, get dressed, get Punkin's bag together to get out there door by 8:55 & were gonna be RIGHT on time for my appointment.  

As I'm making the exit, it was blocked off to only be one lane today, as opposed to two.  So there was a bit of traffic to exit, & a "line" so-to-say on the interstate....just to exit.  We were just tootin' along (exact words from my police report) kinda slow & go traffic just waiting our turn to exit.

All of a sudden, the lil bug in front of me slams on her brakes, so I slam on mine....thinking I am going to be safe (because I have always been before...right?)  Nope.  Not so much.  I hit her & then the lady behind me hits me.  Ryder starting crying, like HARD.  Which probably scared me the most...I didn't care about my car, honestly hadn't even thought about my car.  I was thinking about him & wondering if he was okay.  He stopped crying right there after.

Chick in front of me had already gotten out of her car & was chatting away on her phone, looking like her life had just been ruined.  I really wasn't all that worried to be honest, just about Ryder.  We exit & meet at a restaurant & call the police, & have everything taken care of.

I called my doctor's office & canceled my appointment, when I was really just 5 minutes away after driving 30 minutes to get there, & they didn't have any openings for the rest of the day.

No one got a ticket luckily, because wrecks have been happening here EVERY day since they have narrowed it down to one lane.  It was truly & honestly a complete accident on all three accounts...

I can say I've been driving for 5 years & that was the first "wreck" I've ever had.  Not bad huh?  :P

So...we got back in the car & drove home.  & then my gas light came on.  All before 11 o'clock.  Great start to the day huh?
 But we didn't let that get us down!  Punkin' fell asleep on the way home, & I figured I deserved Chick after the morning that I had had!  :P  I just prayed he didn't wake up while I was in line in the drive thru & him cry because we weren't going in!  :P

 We seriously played outside from the time we got home, till time to go pick up kids from school.  & then we played outside some more!
 He was doing flips over the "regular" swings like on his belly & would just plop in the mud & he didn't even care!  Ha!  He is such a boy...I'm tellin' you!  & it's ONNNNNNLLLLLY the beginning! :P
 We also made our usual quick trip to Sonic, & this kid drinks ALL of my drink before I even get to enjoy it!  He says "diiiiii-nk" "diiiiii-nk" over & over & over & over again...when his sippy is sitting RIGHT there!  I guess Mama's is always better!  =)

{this is when it was all gone & he was mad}

How was your Wednesday?  I hope it was less eventful than mine!  :P

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