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Friday, April 1, 2011

March LOVE--

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{OPI black shatter nail polish}

This just goes along with my new obsession with nail polish!  This stuff is so neat & so fun, & can be worn on top of my different colors! I've done it with nude & bright orange!  I heard they are coming out with a silver shatter do that will be more "me" than black!  But I like it, it's fun!

{burt's bees medicated lip balm}

If you haven't tried this, then OMG, you must!  It's in the check out lines at WM...it used to be hard to find, but now it's not!  This will be the SMOOTHEST chap stick you will have EVER used!  I use it right before bed & right before I put my make up on in the mornings!  It also give your lips a little shine to them, but without the gloppiness (word?) of sticky lip gloss!

{fiber plush chocolate chip bars!}

SOOO good!  Allie introduced me to these one weekend when I was staying at her house! You would never know they are "good" for you by how YUMMY that are!  I have been on a kick for these, but am slowly slowing down!  Ha!

{scentsy flirtatious scent}

LOVE this scent!  So fun!  It's clean, yet girly & SPRINGY!  All of Scenty's stuff is just FAB to be honest..which is why I am going to be selling it myself very, VERY soon!  So, if you have never tried Scentsy before & want to, let me know & I can set you up!  Or...if you want to place a new order of some stuff, I'll be happy to help!

{fitness pal app for iPhone}

I have never been one to watch what I eat, or care, or look at calories etc.  I WANT to care, I just don't know much about all that stuff.  This is a free app that you can input what you eat & drink all day & it tells you how many calories you have remaining for the rest of the day.  At the end of the day, when you "log your diary" it tells you what would happen if you ate like that every day for the next 5 weeks, & how much you would weigh.  It's pretty neat & easy way to keep up with what your putting into your body!


  1. Totally agree on Scentsy!!! I've been selling it for a year and it's amazing;)))
    Try the new Luna it's great !!!
    If you need any advice w Scentsy let me know;)))

  2. i totally want to try that polish, but can't do black, silver would be awesome! I heart Burt's Bee's too!


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