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Friday, April 1, 2011

I let my child play in the mud...

Today was not only April Fool's Day (which I don't really participate in), but it was also my youngest cousin, Aidan's birthday!  He turned four years old today!  I got to meet him & Naynee & Dawson for lunch at ZaZa's!  We had a good visit & it's always a hoot to meet up with them & hear what's been going on at their house!  Sadly, I didn't take any pics...  :/

We went to TJ Maxx afterwards...because, that's just what we do!  :P  Always looking for some good deals, & this trip did NOT disappoint! 

We came home & I let Punkin' take a MUCH needed nap!  He woke up & it was time to go watch Uncle G play some ball!
He eye-balled this big water puddle ALL NIGHT!  The first time he just tip-toed closer & closer to it until I walked up behind him, & he said "yeth mam, yeth mam, yeth mam" before I even had time to get on to him!  He KNEW better!  HA!  
Punkin' with his favorite Uncle G in between games!  I hope they are best buddies as Ryder grows up!

He played some catch with KeeKee for a bit...
...& even tried to pick up this "stick"!  Ha!
He LOVES his Pops & can spot him from a mile away & will just go RUNNNNNNNING to him as fast as his little legs will go!  
Now, some of y'all may not believe this, if I hadn't have taken pictures.  But, yes...I let my child play in the mud puddle tonight.  The ONLY reason it was okay was because luckily I thought ahead & put his old shoes on him because it just rained yesterday.  He LOVED it.  He would just walk through it, but then he learned to stomp & make it SPLASH!
This is just part of being a mom to a little boy!  I have to just swallow the knot in my throat & tell myself, "it's just clothes, they can be washed!"  BUT STILL!  IT'S HARD!!!!!!

SERIOUSLY?  I am DYING looking at these pics, not believing I actually let THAT happen!  HA!  We came home, I carried him to the bathroom & stripped him down!  He socks were SOAKING wet!  Ha...& he never ONCE acted like he cared!  Again..SUCH.A.BOY!

I hope you have a FAB weekend!  If it's pretty out, get outside & "enjoy the sunshine" as Pops would say! :P

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