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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

night night...

Our bedtime routine is just about the same every night...

I give Punkin' a bath & just let him play, play, play! We put colored tablets in the bath water, & he picks out what color he wants & each time, every color seems to be called "bllllleeeeeeeww"! I thought this would help with him learning his colors..but, uh...not so much!

When it's time to get out I tell him to unplug the drain & he does, & says "bye bye bye water" until it's all gone. It doesn't seem to bother him to be sitting in there naked without any water! :P

I wrap him up in his towel & dry him off a little bit, pick him up to carry him to his room to put on his pajamas & he ALWAYS lays his sweet little head on my shoulder.

We pick out his pajamas & he repeats "shirt" & "pants" back to me as well as "socks". If I forgot to put socks on him, he makes sure to remind me! :P

We get his Pooh & his Tang out of his crib & head to the kitchen to get some milk. He LOVES his milk & that makes me so happy because I can't remember a time in my life where I actually liked to drink milk!

We go & curl up on the couch...sippy, Pooh, Tang, me & Punkin'! & of course my zebra snuggie! If it's not on the couch Ryder will go & get it so we can cover up with it!

He picks out a book or two for us to look at & read. Lately it's been 100 first animals & Good Night Mood.

When it starts to get late & we've been there a while I tell him it's time to go night night. Sometimes if I don't have school work to do I'll let him stay up later with me, especially if he's being good. I wouldn't trade anything in the world for the time that we spend together on the couch snuggling & reading books on the couch each night!

What's your bedtime routine with your little one?

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