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Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Cheer

These pictures are precious to me.

The reaction to seeing the decorated Christmas tree in the living room of my little Punkin' the morning after the night I finished decorating it, was priceless.  He was ecstatic!  

What was this big thing doing in my living room that looks like it belongs outside?  Why were there "hawt" light bulbs in there?  What are all these pretty things hanging from the branches?

You could see all these things running through his little brain...

He was so excited, & overjoyed.  Anything & everything new is exciting to a 14 month old.

He was being so sweet with the ornaments...as if they were precious gold he didn't want to drop.
Amazed at how many different ones there were!  Which one should I touch first!?!
I love making him happy.  All the semi-hard work {time} that went into decorating the tree (& the rest of the house for that matter) was all WELL worth it to see my little man so happy.

Having a child that can actually interact & enjoy the Christmas season this year has already brought so much joy & has been such a blessing!!  It's making me see things through a child's eyes again & relive my childhood!

I hope the years ahead continue to be as exciting.  I want traditions.  I want memories.  Hopefully I can provide all those things for my sweet boy.  


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  1. THIS is what I can't wait for the most!! This is such a blessing, Kati!! Such a blessing.


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