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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ladies Luncheon

Today I had the blessing to hear & MEET a wonderful woman of God share her testimony.  We all have our own & there all unique, but Katie's is quite touching.  The way she has handled things in the passed 16 months still amazes me every day.  

Her blog posts have always been so inspiring & she was even more inspiring in person today!  Katie from Katie's Keepers spoke at our Ladies Luncheon at church!  When I found this out a few weeks ago, I was overjoyed!  I found her blog when I was pregnant with Ryder & Reese & Ryder were due the same week...so I started following her blog!  I've cried many times reading her blog & not known how someone could have such positive posts when they've been put through so much heartache.  Her faith was testing, & she has NOT let satan win.  

It was such an HONOR to hear & meet her today!

{photos & editing courtesy of Nick Jacobsen}

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