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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bethlehem Revisited

Last week, our church was putting on Bethlehem Revisited.  This is a huge event, that is put on each Christmas season as a gift to the community (& the state!).  With all the hoop-lah of tree decorating & finding the perfect gift for the perfect someone, & decorating our houses which Christmas cheer, dinner parties & too many yummy sweets & treats...we can't forget the REAL meaning of Christmas.  Bethlehem is a reminder of that.  The city of Bethlehem is recreated to what it might have been like the night that Jesus was born.  It is SO neat & if you haven't been, don't miss out on the opportunity next year!
Punkin' is still a bit young to understand what's going on & actually get to partake in any of the activity in the city...but I wanted to take him.  I want this to be a tradition of ours!  I hadn't been since HS, because I had always been away at school...so I was glad I got to go again!
It was a chilly night...so I got Punkin's big coat & mittens out for the first time!  It wasn't so cold after we got inside the walls of the city so that was nice!
There are all sorts of shops set up inside.  Story telling, rope, jewelry, candle making, candy, bread...just to name a few!  Here is a man writing Ryder's name in Hebrew.
Fish Market!  300 shekels for ONE fish!  No SIR!  
Punkin' loved all the camotion, but it was a lot for a lil man to take in! {notice missing mitten! :P}  I can't wait to take him in the years to come...I hope it's something he looks forward to every year!

...the whole reason we were REALLY there!  To see baby Jesus!  How neat!  THIS is what Christmas is REALLY all about!  I loved hearing all the lil kids around us just SO excited to see baby Jesus!  What a joy!!

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