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Monday, December 27, 2010

Dinner With Friends & 15 months!

A few weeks ago, Abby called & was coming into town to drop something off & asked if we wanted to have dinner!  At Stoby's of course!  I was glad Molly Anne came along too!  They ate WAY healthier than me, but I had been craving a BIG JUICY burger all day! & I got it!  YUUMM!!
We had a great visit & caught up on a lot of things!  Punkin' took to them like he'd know them his whole life!

And since I have been totally slacking lately, I totally forgot to mention Punkin' turning 15 months old on Dec. 9th!  Better late than never right?!

15 months...what lil man's been up to!

-Finally taking "bites" of stuff!
-Actually eating chips at restaurants, but not at home {see above picture}
-Not really in to meat any more...we have tried PB sandwiches & he likes them okay.
-Size 4 diapers
-Sleeping mostly through the night...wake up between 5-7 then goes back to sleep.
-Still fits in some 12 month old clothes but 18 month are starting to fit better
-Talking NON stop!
-Can say dah-dah, duck, KeeKee {tee-tee}, tries to say "Ryder", milk & the rest of the time it just jibber jabber, but I LOVE IT!
-He has continued to be so healthy, with the exception of a small cold, which we can handle.
-No one told me he needed to have a 15 month ck. up...so we're having that in January.
-He loves his KeeKee & Pops, & cries if we drive by their house & don't stop!
-He cries when I leave for school, it's sweet but also breaks my heart
-He loves Ms. Amy so much as well & loves to hang out with her in her room & play with her iPad!
-He has become quite the hitter, which we are trying to stop!
-He LOVES to dance & is not ashamed to ANY time music is on!
-He also spins around in circles when he doesn't get his way, until he falls down!  It's kind of funny! 
-Each month seems to be even more fun than the last!  He is such a true blessing, & I can't imagine my life without my lil Punkin'!


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