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Friday, April 29, 2011

Suckers & Sr. Night!

So...last night my little brother had his "Senior Night" baseball game.  It was the last home game for this season.  I hasn't really hit me that he's growing up yet...but it is a bit weird for me because where he is in life right now, I can vividly remember that time in my life.  In like...15 days he will be graduating.  Big sister will probably cry.
 It seems like I go to the bank an awfully lot lately...good thing I know the tellers.  When my "usual" isn't there I get so sad...but anyways I asked for a sucker yesterday for Punkin'.  Anything I thought I would "never" do..."my child doesn't eat candy."  Yeah freakin' RIGHT.  I was feeling nice & he had been extra good all day!
 He LOVED it when I busted it out at the baseball game!  I eventually has to throw it away because it was getting so soggy...blah!
 His new favorite word is SUUK-AH!  Ha!
 Here is G walking out to meet our parents at home plate to give mom a rose & them a letter.
It was beautiful weather, but we peaced out after the first game because I was just getting so worn out chasing Punkin' ALL.OVER. that ball park!  & there were just TOO many people there!


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