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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Brain Dump...

Erin at Blue Eyed Bride often does a "Brain Dump" & I always love it!  It's just what she's thinking & has going on in her life & I feel like I can "brain dump" today as well!  So here goes...

I am loving this weather!  We are sitting outside as I type just soaking it up!  Again..I love this age!  I can sit at the table with my Dr. Pepper cut in half with Diet Dr. Pepper, with my sunglasses on & blog away, as well as catching up on all my favorite blogs, while Ryder runs around pushing is Cozy Coupe up & down the back driveway & setting his baseball up on the T & whacking it across the yard over & over again!  He can independently play & get some fresh air, & mama can enjoy the outdoors & a break for a little bit as well!  =)

When I got up & got ready for class this morning, it was 44 outside, but within the hour it was going to be up to 66!  I hate being cold while walking across campus, so I haven't worn just a T shirt, jeans & sandals yet this semester, but I did today & it felt GREAT!  If I wasn't so WHITE, I might wear shorts one of these days!

For some reason with only 3 weeks left in the semester, I feel motivated to actually study at home (& not just when I have a test!)  Ha!  Like, get out my notes I took from today, just because...just to go over them!  SO-TOTALLY-NOT-LIKE-ME!  I am more of the type, school stays & school & I'll study the night before the test.  Sad, I know.  But I guess I see light at the end of the tunnel for this semester & I'm gonna try & give it my all (I know I should feel this way the whole semester, but I just don't).

As of today, I don't have any more tests, until finals week & only one project due!  Praise be!  That is a huge relief I don't have to worry about!

It's so hard to do housework inside on such beautiful days like today, but it's got to be done by somebody! :P

I cleaned out a lot of people I follow on Twitter a few days ago & it feels so refreshing.  I no longer follow any Real Housewives or Bachelor/ette contestants!  :P  I know I'm crazy...I still follow a few celebs, but only ones I really care about...like @Bethenny.  OMG.  She is my FAV!  I love her too much!  Her show is my one of my favorites right now.  She is so real, & does not hold ANYTHING back.  I love her sweet hubby, Jason Hoppy.  I need to find me a Jason Hoppy.

I go in for my "yearly" tomorrow with my favorite Dr. EVER!  I tell him every time I go that he better still be around when I'm ready to have #2 or I'm gonna be mad!  I'm taking Ryder with me, so it will be interesting to see how it goes!  :P

Well, I'm officially a Scentsy consultant, & am gearing up for my "Launch Party" in a week or so...but if you want to order stuff before then feel free to visit my website & order your goods, & have them shipped straight to your house!  & if you want to be invited to the party, leave me a comment & I'll make sure & get you the info!  =)  Even if you don't leave me a comment...there are a few of you who are getting invites anyways!  :P It's going to be a time for good food, friends & fellowship AND to learn what Scentsy is all about!  I promise you, this product will NOT disappoint!  :P  I'm not the "seller" type, but this stuff is so AMAZE, that I can't not sell it!  =)  It's great for classrooms, offices, nurseries  & just something you know is going to be safe around your kids.  Any who...I'll get off my Scentsy kick now.

Also...one of my favorite blogs, Megan from In This Wonderful Life announced today the genders of their sweet twins!  Megan is a heart mom & lost sweet Cohen last year just 12 days after entering this world.  Cohen's story is sad, but so sweet & has touched so many lives & just makes me even more grateful for my little one (who I think is a handful at time).  But now...they are expecting twins!  Hop on over there & see what their having because I know your curious!  I can't wait until they reveal the names of the sweet little ones!  (ps. they are having what I thought/wanted them to have!  :P)

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  1. I love the phrase "brain dump"....Something I need to do more often :) Im excited your selling Scentsy too!! Do you sell to out of state folks??


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