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Friday, April 15, 2011

We Heart Baseball!

Last night we ventured out to G's baseball game!  It was so pretty out, we had no excuse not to go!  :P  This child runs around the.whole.time.  He never stops, I swear to you!  He is just being a little boy though I suppose!

 Good thing he has made multiple friends at the ball field & Mama does get a break every once & a while!  He will even make new friends if he wants!  He played with this little girl named Piper, & he would just huuuuuug on her!  He likes girls.  Probably too much.
 He just loves being out there with all the big boys & loves his Uncle G so much!  As well as J.T.!

 Like I've said before, I hope this little boy grows up to love baseball as much as the rest of us do, & maybe one day he'll be out there playing on this same field!  =)  I would love it if he went to the same HS as his Mama & Uncle G!

Today, we met KeeKee after school to look for an Easter dress for me & we found one at the first place! Thank goodness!  I get so tired of going from store to store looking for the perfect dress & having to change clothes a million times.  I actually found a purple dress, which is what I've wanted for a long time, now we just gotta find Punkin' something purple!  :P

We ran over to McAlister's real fast to scarf down some dinner while Pooh was driving through town.  It was a super short visit, but better than nothin'!  I am so glad that she called us!  =)

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