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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our Weekend...

We had a chill-axed weekend & it was so nice, because the next few weekends are gonna be CRAAAY-ZEE!  With Easter, Toad Suck Daze & then Mother's day, & my last week of class & then FINALS all in between!

Friday night we went shopping with KeeKee for me an Easter dress & thank goodness we found one at the first store & in the color I wanted all along!  Now...to find Ryder a shirt to match.  It hasn't been as easy as I thought!  :P

Saturday afternoon we met Abby for lunch at a sandwich shop down town inside an Antique store that is just so FUN!  Ryder was extra hyper, but was pretty good!  He kept saying "Aay-bee!"  It was pretty cute!  We had a great visit & of course a yummy lunch!
 This kid is into rocks!  I have had to teach him that we "don't throw them at people!  AWAY from people!"  I was just hoping he wouldn't hit one of these cars instead!  :P  He can throw with his left & his right pretty far, so we're not really sure what he's gonna be yet...sports wise.

He was so happy to see Abby!  It was like he had known her his whole life & saw him every day since the day he was born!  :P  They had a good ole time together!  

Allison came to see us later Saturday night after Punkin' took a long nap!  We played outside FOREVER & I even let Punkin' play in the mud!  Like serious....MUD!  I had to strip him down outside & carry him  straight to the bath!

I love getting to hang out with "old" friends with my sweet little boy!  =)

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