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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

...things I'm lovin' right now! PS. 300th POST!!

{sally hansen's complete salon manicure in nude now}

I just recently got into painting my nails.  I'm not very good at it, so I have always just stuck to my toes! A year or so ago, I tried Sally's new complete salon manicure & FELL IN LOVE with the brush!  I will never use another brand if I don't have to!  It spreads out so well on your nail, that way you can cover your whole nail with one stroke! This color is the perfect "every day wear" color & isn't too loud & has a bit of a shimmer to it, & I just love it!  It takes about three coats to look good, but I love it!  

{real housewives of miami}

Of course I was going to watch the new real housewives show!  I've watched them all before, & let's just say, Miami did NOT disappoint.  When I found out Scotty Pippen's wife was on it, I thought it would be good to watch since he went to UCA & all.  His wive Larsa has actually turned out to be one of my favorite!  They are FILTHY rich & sometimes it's just hard to fathom their world...I like Alexia as well, she seems to be more "real" than the rest of them!  Can't wait to see what the rest of the season holds!

If you've never heard of this chick...you need to, & your about to!  I was looking for Emily Maynard's blue cocktail dress online from last week's show & found this blog!  This lady puts up A LOT of TV shows wardrobe, attire, jewelry, shoes & accessories & where we can find them!  I just love it!  I love Emily Maynard's style & she has so much of her stuff on here!  A lot of it is last season, & you can't always get it any more, but it's fun to know how much some of the stuff costs!  Check her out & see what you think!  :P
(studded flats)

I've always loved flats & load up on them every summer!  90% of my shoes in the summer come from Target & I've already bought a few for this summer!  If you don't buy them when you see them, they won't be there when you go back!  I like diamond-y to go with gold or silver, but I REALLY like them with metal studs on them!  I feel as though this goes with my "bohemian" wardrobe...it's not fancy, but they can help take your outfit to another level.  Make sense?!  :P

I guess I'm totally into purple right now...I've bought more purple stuff in the last month than EVER!
{purple sheets}

I've finally decided to do my bedroom in deep purple, grey, black & whites.  I found the PERFECT sheets @ TJ Maxx & snatched them up!  They were my first purchase for my new room!

{purple patagonia}

I usually only buy things when their on sale...so when these went on sale on line, I snagged one up & I LOVE IT!  I'm glad I got the purple too because of UCA!  Garrett got one for Christmas & I have to say...I was a bit jealous & often joked about stealing his & wearing it to class, & then going & putting it back in his closet after!  :P  Glad I finally got my own...

{purple bikini}

I haven't bought this YET, but I'm going to!  I already tried it on & I LOVE IT!  I love the ruffles..who can say no to those!?  I always get fairly simple bathing suits & this is still simple, but a lil bit more fun!  They didn't have my size in store today, so I'll just have to keep looking when I go, or order it online!  What do you think?!

What are some of your favorite things right now?

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  1. LOVE that nail color!! I need to keep that in mind! I haven't watched RHOMiami yet... I'm never too sure at the beginning of the seasons..but once I start watching, i can't stop!! haha


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