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Sunday, March 20, 2011

...few things from our weekend!

We had a pretty low key weekend.  KeeKee & Pops were out of town, so we just played outside SO MUCH & got worked down inside when we could!  Punkin' has been been a little on the sick side.  Just a nasty cough that intensifies when he's laying down trying to sleep, & a runny nose.  I would give him benadryl, but it actually has reserve affects on him than most kids!  He gets super-duper hyper & will stay up WAY later than he needs to!  But we're just letting it run its course...
This is what a single-mama's freezer looks like!  I have learned that this is the simplest & easiest thing for me at this time in my life.  I love to cook, but I was just cooking for me all the time & wasting a lot of food, & ended up having to eat those leftovers for like a week!  So...this is my solution!  There really are so many yummy choices out there...& they aren't too high in calories either!  &...EASY!  
I tried a new color underneath my black shatter nail polish.  This time I went with gold & I think I like it!  I wish they would come out with some different colored shatter polish, rather than black! I heard a silver is out, or coming out soon though... My dad HATES my nails black...ha!  I guess he thinks I'm goth or something!  :P

While Punkin' played in the backyard, I propped my feet up at the table & caught up on some Hollywood gossip.  This really was a good article about Emily & Brad.  I think they will make it because Brad's not going to let her go, but it's definitely not going to be easy & they have a long road ahead of them!

Of course sweet little Punkin' gets his SUPER CLEAN/NEW shoes muddy outside!  I am just going to have to get used to this, having a little boy & all!  I need to learn to put him in clothes & shoes I don't care about getting muddy when he goes out back to play!  Ahh...but it's hard!

I love this haircut!  I am thinking getting mine cut like this...but I have never had bangs!  AHH!  I want to grow my hair out, but the style/cut I have right now is NOT working for the length it is at right now! What do ya'll think!?

& here's my Bieber collection!  #love!

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