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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Our perfect day!

So...my sweet Punkin let me sleep in this morning! How thoughtful of him! I was up half the night anyways from the storm & I also heard people yelling outside, which wake me up & scared me literally half.to.death! They woke Ryder too...

We got ready for the day...he went & stayed with KeeKee & Pops for a few mins while I ran to the bank before they closed.

G had a baseball game that we were going to go to, but dad said it was just too cold, so we ended up not going.

We came home & cleaned the bathroom together (literally)...he gets his own rag & tries to wipe down the toilet! Ha!

Then we made a quit trip to WM because it was like I was out of all of Ryder's food including hus "grawwwpths' that he had been begging me for! :(

Mom & dad kept Ryder tonight while I went to Rhea Lana's. I got some good stuff, & the most I spent on one item was only $7.50 for some polo t shirts...which is cheaper than they are at the outlet! I got some good stuff for spring & summer just not as much as I had planned on! I got there at 4:30, stood in line outside till 5, shopped & then got in line to check out at 5:46 & pulled out of the parking lot around 6:45. SERIOUSLY?!?

{random pics on my phone}

I might have been a little bit more excited about getting some new Scentsy scents than Ryder's clothes! There was a lady there with a booth that had EVERYTHING! Instead of having to wait for your order you could just get it there! I got Flirtacious, Clean Breeze & Perfectly Pomegranite! I can't wait to try them!

I grabbed some Chick & headed back to my parent's house. We got to see Aunt Kathy for a lil bit & Punkin was excited about all his new clothes & kept pulling them out & saying "cuuuuuute!". Ha!!

We came home, took a bath, drank some milk & he fell asleep on me on the couch! This raaaaaaarely happens so I was happy it happened! Before long he will be too big to do that and I'll long for the days when he used to fall asleep on me!

Hope ya'll had a nice, relaxing Saturday! Ours was nothing special, but perfect to me!

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