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Friday, March 4, 2011


It was so nice to wake up today, & not have anything that we "had" to do!  We ate breakfast, played a little bit, emptied the dishwasher etc & then got ready for the day!  I decided it would be a good day to pack up our lunches & head to the park...even though the sun wasn't shining.  It wasn't too hot outside & thankfully it wasn't too cold!  So we loaded up...hit up Sonic first & went to the park!
Of course the whole "eating lunch idea" was a negative.  You can't take a kid to the park, tell him to sit there & eat his lunch first, & then he can go play!  :P  Ha!  I learned my lesson!

Can you seriously believe how big he is getting?  OH MY WORD!  I realize it over & over again every single day!  He will be one & half NEXT WEEK.  {..tear.}  There were lots of other Mamas out there with their kiddos!  We met a little girl that was 20 months old named Greer.  I thought that was a super cute, unique name!  :P

We had a great time out there & I just let him run & run & run!!  It started to spit rain so we headed out & he didn't even cry!  He was just thirsty & begging for his "THIPPY!"

Hope ya'll have a great weekend!


  1. oh my goodness he is so cute!!! and getting so big! also- I LOVE his hair!! such a stylin little handsome man!

  2. He is precious! I love his hair! I can't wait for Collin's hair to get long enough for me to spike it!


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