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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

our days..

We haven't done much over Spring Break, & don't really plan on it either.  We spend most of our days playing outside!  I let Punkin' run around without a shirt on the other night...he loved it!  Such a little boy!   

He taught this too himself, I was pretty impressed though!
We did venture out to Lowe's with KeeKee to get some paint to paint the kitchen, den & hallway.  He was a sweet boy the whole time & we even let him down outside while we were looking at plants.

Punkin' laid down for a nap real late yesterday, & so he wouldn't stay up till midnight I had to wake him up.  He never STAYS awake when I walk in his door to get him up, but he did yesterday!  He was so sweet all curled up with his pooh like this!  I snapped a few pictures real fast...

...& then he woke up & caught me!  :P

Here's a few from today.  Nana & Papaw were over at KeeKee's & we went to see them for a little bit.  We had some left over hamburgers & guacamole that we made last night for lunch.  Morgan & MacKenzie came over & spent some time with us.  We played outside & even made a trip to Sonic of course!

He's such a happy & sweet boy...especially when we're outside!  We're enjoying our days together of doing completely NOTHING!

Some HS friends are coming over tonight after Punkin' goes to bed, & I can't wait to catch up with everybody!  We always have such a good time reliving all the crazy things we did in HS!  We often say, "What were we THINKING?" "We were SO dumb, why did we do that?!" "We were so young, we thought we knew everything, but we really didn't!"  Good times!  =)

Hope y'all are all enjoying your Spring Break! 

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