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Monday, March 28, 2011

Build-A-Bear {or monkey!}

When I graduated from HS, my group of girlfriends {the SATBs} went to Build A Bear to all make different animals & record sayings to eat other to put in our animals arms.  I got a monkey, named Tang, & it is one of things that I own that I loved most & that means so much to me.  I have slept with him every night since, & you can tell by looking at him & smelling him (I can't wash him b/c of the recorder inside). This was something special to all of us because we were splitting up & going to different Universities.

Ever since Ryder was old enough to hold Tang & love on Tang, he thinks he is HIS & he's NOT!  I have of course given it to my child, even thought I want Tang for myself!  So, I knew it was time to take Ryder to Build A Bear to build him his own Tang!
& that is just what Jake & I did on Sunday!  But not before stopping at Auntie Anne's pretzel shop first! Punkin' had his first taste of heaven...a cinnamon & sugar pretzel!  He ate the whole thing & was begging for more!
We had picked out some other animals, but just to make sure they were what Ryder wanted I gave him a monkey & a bear, & he grabbed the monkey & wouldn't let us take it away after!  So we had our answer...clear as day!  He wanted a "Tang" just like Mama!
He even got mad when the lady took "Tang" away to stuff him, so we had to go get him another to distract him!  As you'll see, these are the only pictures I got, because Punkin' was tired & cranky & just.wanted.his.Tang! & I was doing all I could to type up the birth certificate, pay & get outta there! 

We named him Tang II, he looks a little different than mine, & definitely newer!  Ryder loves him & I hope he soon wants "his" Tang rather than mine!  :P

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