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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pre Easter...Easter...& MORE!

It all started last Thursday when Pooh was headed home from school because they were out of school for Good Friday. She decided to stay the night with us! =) So glad she did! Her & lil man got some good bonding time in, and we even went to Target & let him pick out a toy that she bought him! First of many I'm afraid!

With Auntie Pooh!

That night we went and ate dinner at the Magee's. Charles was also in town with Kelly...and we also got to see Molly! Ms. Donna always cooks something good and we had great fellowship!

Ryder & Charles at dinner.

After dinner we came back here to dye some Easter eggs!

Pre-Egg Dying in Pop's Wampus Cat hat!

"Get that off my head!"

His first egg was green of course...he wanted THAT egg! Ha! He went right to sleep after this!

Kelly, Pooh & me dying some eggs!

Mommy had to get up and go to class the next day (not off for Good Friday @ UCA..no sirr-ee!) Pooh was trying to sleep, and of course lil man woke her up...but she didn't seem to mind! HA!

Chillin' with Pooh....& Tang (the monkey)

Saturday afternoon, after Ryder slept till eleven....yes ELEVEN! We went over to Anna's parent's house for a delicious lunch. Ms. Kelly is quite the cook! We were there for like 4 hours, just catching up and enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weather!

Ms. Kelly let Ryder try a lime for the first time!

...guess he liked it!

He was all over the place...and would not stay still!

Laughin' @ Auntie Anna!

Playing w/ AA!

Ryder, me & Anna!

Sunday morning, we got up and went to the EARLY service, and then came home to get ready to go to Nana & Papaw's in Pangburn.

Punkin's Easter outfit that KeeKee got him!

We found Miss Morgan @ church!

& Coach Mac...he loved your "golfer" outfit!

Me & my lil man...even though he's not looking @ the camera!

Siblings & nephew/son!


playing with KeeKee's flowers!

with his KeeKee & Pop's!

with Sterling & Aidan @ Nana's

Grandkids! & great-grand son!

look @ those wrinkles in that forehead! :O

With Benjamin!

Punkin' getting the stuff out of his Easter basket!

He dug right in...no holding back for him! He knew what to do!

He got some really cool bubbles-

...& a few sesame street characters that we knew he would chew on!

more books! & an ELMO DVD!

We let him crawl around and "find" some eggs!

He wanted to hold them all...but he just couldn't! We call him "Gimme Hands!"

This is a caterpillar shaped egg...we had lots of other bugs to thanks to Aunt Linda Sue!

Yes...he is about to put that in his bucket!...

TA-DA! He is so advanced! lol...just kidding! But no...REALLY!?

This are just a few randoms from today...

He tumped the trashcan over, and then pulled up on top of it!

I let him try puffs for the first time, since he seems to handle little breads crumbs fine.

A few actually made it in his mouth...the rest he kept clinched in his fist & THEN they became soggy!

Crazy lil punkin! =)

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