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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Georgia Tech!

Punkin & I had a good day today!  He went & stayed with Ms. Lynn & didn't nap for her, and he usually always does!  I thought he would be ready to lay down when we got home...but that wasn't the case either!

I had him in his Georgia Tech shirt that Tonya & Luke got for him for the first time today!  I thought he looked awfully cute!  He represents a whole lot of different schools!  =)

I couldn't get the child to look @ me...he was too interested in the dog!
"What's with all the pics MOM!?"

I love that lil grin!  He is the light of my life!
Standing up after he finally took a nap...with his Pooh!

When I put my makeup on in the floor with him...he is SO interested in my bag and everything inside it! AFter getting tired of saying "No No" a million times, I fianlly just gave him some mascara to play with!

Even crawling with it in his hand!

"Look @ me!"

I wore my little Punkin' out driving him all over town.--Really only Target!

I just LOVE those checks!  I could eat them up!

Tonight, Ryder started trying to drink the water from the cup I use to rinse him off in the bath tube.  Not such a good idea.  He also started feeding himself little pieces of banana & avocado.  He does really good with feeding himself so far!  I thought it would take a while to catch on but he's done great!  And you hand that child a cracker...and he nibbles on it till its gone!  He's always gotta have SOMETHING to do!

Oh yeah...my new blog design!  Do ya'll love it!?  I am so happy with it!  Thank you so much Traci for being such a fun and sweet person to work with!

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