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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pulling UP!

Well...for about a week now, I have forgotten to mention that Punkin is crawling. Sometimes normal & sometimes all arms, with the rest of his body dragging. But whatever he does, he can get from one side of the room to the other before you even realize!

With all that said...

I stepped out of the room for....TWO SECONDS today, and came back to find THIS! I was like OMG OMG OMG! I knew my camera was in my moms car, then I realized the video camera was too...so I ran around looking for a camera! Luckily my dad's was in the office! By the time I got back he was still like this! He had just been playing around with the carseat for a while, but WHO KNEW?! -(Excuse the messy room....two tests this week, that's my excuse!)-

"Look Mom!"
"What do I do now?"
It's kinda an awkward position huh? He was like this for a good while!
Then he started fussing so I helped him down.
A few minutes later I put him in his crib...and then find him like THIS!
He was so proud of himself..AGAIN!
& then while I was on my computer trying to study I look over, and he has pulled the bumper down, and is looking at me through the posts. All I can see are his two sweet little eyes, and when he sees me see him, he just GRIIIIIINNNED! =)
Trying to get him to lay down for his afternoon nap...just as CHILL as can be!
The stillest I've ever seen him be!

I would have an Easter post up....but those pics are in my mom's car! I'll get them up soon enough!

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