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Friday, April 23, 2010

Dr.'s Appt., Hobby Lobby & Avocados!

I woke up yesterday with one of my crazy throat things going on, and knew I HAD to get into the Doctor THAT day, or I would be back at the ENT getting it drained in a few days.  UGGGH.  This is my worst fear, seriously.  Luckily they could get me in @ 9:30.  I rushed around getting me and Punkin ready & we made it there on time!

Being a good boy while mommy talked with the Doctor.  He really was good the whole time!  What a blessing!

Since we were already out we headed to Hobby Lobby to get some stuff for a group project I was doing.

   He LOVES Hobby Lobby can't you tell!  =)

We had some avocados in the fridge, and I decided to cute them up and see how Punkin did with them. He had some the other night, but I had given them to him...but he did great picking them up & putting them in his mouth....and seemed to like them too!?

Going for it...Got it...

& into the mouth--SUCCESS! 

While I sit at my desk and get stuff done on the computer, Punkin likes to make his way under my desk and look outside/get into the trash.  Here he is being sweet!  When ever I look at him, he griiiiins and says "AAHHHH!"  Too adorable!

(Ignore his snot!--bugs me to death, but it can't always be wiped!)
check out that big toe...and all the other toes curled under!  HAHA!

He loves his mommy & his mommy loves him!

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