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Saturday, April 10, 2010


Ryder turned 7 months old yesterday, but that post is going to be post-poned for a few days.

The last 4-5 days Punkin' has had runny poop (instead of solid, which it was ALL the time) & wasn't eating all his meals, baby food or bottle. I was a little worried, but he not too much because he was acting perfectly normal, and playing and laughing & having a good time!

Until Friday...when I went to pick him up from Ms. Lynn's after class, he didn't have a shirt on! OH MY..WHAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED? He had woken up from his nap and thrown up all over his shirt, pooh blanket, blanket, bib, everything! Poor baby...once again, I didn't think THAT much about it, just thought maybe he had eaten too much or something. Ms. Lynn said he just wasn't acting his normal self...and after a while I seemed to agree.

I drug the poor child to Hobby Lobby and finally back home. He took a great afternoon nap, and then we went to the baseball game at five. He was a trooper the whole time! He ate a bottle and a jar of baby food. By 8:30 he was more than worn out and we came home and he went straight to bed.

Around midnight, I hear him kinda cough...and then the dreaded sound of throwing up. OMG. Not my baby! YES...MY BABY!

He threw up 2 more times between then & 4 am, and finally crashed when there was nothing else to throw up. Poor baby...he seems to be doing so much better this morning. I have been hesitant to give him anything to eat, but I know he is STAAAARRVVVING! His stomach just growled and growled this morning!

Well see how the next 12 hours go...but man! WHAT A MESS!

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