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Friday, April 16, 2010


...so I took my turn & was the sick one this week.

I started feeling bad Tuesday night after dinner, and knew I had gotten the bug. 3 am rolled around and I felt like a new person. Sadly, I had no energy all day Wednesday...and luckily mom took off half a day to help me out with little man. I also missed a test, but luckily got to make it up today.


-Lil man has mastered putting puff's in his mouth on his own.
-...even 2 or 3 at a time occasionally.
-I gave him yogurt this morning for the first time.
-He is a professional "puller-upper" now...
-He has figured out that everything in the the bookshelf/cubbies are for him....and he can pull it all out!
-He will stand up on the side of his crib, but hasn't quite figured how to get down on his till today...I even saw him holding on for dear life with one hand, and streeeeeetching with his entire body to the other side of the crib to get his pooh without letting go! He did it, and he was SO proud! =)
-I love writing Thank You notes, I just have trouble getting them addressed and stamped and in the mailbox.
-My blog makeover has STARTED...WAHOO! =)
-I haven't had anything other than water to drink in a week! Maybe longer...it makes me feel so much better about myself.
-I have 15 more pounds to go to get back to my pre-baby weight.
-I'm not doing anything in particular, but I wish I was.
-2 more weeks of class.
-Within those two weeks I have a Politics essay due, a diversity group project due, a book report due, school board meeting paper due...AND I think that's it!
-Garrett's Prom is this weekend.
-I can't wait to see all the girl's pretty dresses.
-I so wish they had patterned dresses when I was in HS. I would have had one every year!
-I've finally decided on a theme/color scheme for Ryder's 1st Birthday!
-I can't wait till my friends get married & have babies so I can throw some awesome showers.
-I got all the classes I want for next fall, and this summer!
-Tuesday/Thursdays...UCA will be my best friend.
-I want a CriCut for my birthday. They are BEYOND amazing!

No time for chat...chapters to read & papers to write, and a baby to take care of!

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