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Monday, April 12, 2010

few random things...our weekend & 7 months!

So...I noticed this picture the other day around the house of me and Garrett. I thought to myself "oh my goodness!...who does that LOOK LIKE?" So I snagged the picture up and took a few pictures of it to show you guys! Mom actually made these matching Easter how fits! It had to have taken alot of time and hard effort! The picture of me and Garrett isn't so blurry....I couldn't get a good close up of G. I don't know how old he was here...but he sure does look like Ryder man..or well, Ryder man looks like him!

Garret...lookin' just like Ryder!

Aww...YES-we love each other! =)

Friday night it was B-E-A-Utiful out...so we went to the baseball game, and had a blast as always! (This was BEFORE we knew Ryder was sick! :/) He did great, once again...he just loves being outside with all the sweet mamas!

It got to be a lil chilly...haha!

Pops and Ryder man enjoying the pretty weather outside!

Ryder and his Uncle G...before going out for the night!

7 month stuff....

I can't get the child to be still...so this is as good as it got! ha!

Not wanting to sit still for a pic...crawling all over the place!

None of these are the best either...but @ least he's smiling in this one!

My crazy SWEET boy!

What you're up to this month....
-You are now definitely crawling...every where!
-You are even pulling up on things, such as your crib rail, trashcans, fireplace, barstools, rubbermaid tubs, your car seat....etc.
-You are just talking talking all the time! I'll talk back to you in your voice, and you'll respond! TOO funny!
-You love the church nursery! It's about your morning nap time, but of course you don't sleep!
-Size 2 diapers...but could move up to 3's.
-Can wear 9-12 month clothes, but some 6 month clothes still fit.
-Still eating three solid meals a day, with sometimes a bottle in between.
-You crawl to your Pops & KeeKee every day when they walk in the door!
-Not really into your exer-saucer any more. Too boring I guess when you're mobil!
-You had your first "throw-up" sickness... :(
-You like to take naps with your mommy....or mommy likes to take naps with YOU!
-Sometimes your falling asleep on your back now.
-You JUST figured out how to roll from your back to your stomach the last few days.
-Definitely knows what "No No" means. I have to tell you that when you play with the cords and pull on KeeKee's curtains!
-We went through your first big/moppy carwash today, and you did GREAT!
-You took a "big boy" bath for the first time tonight
-You sit in a highchair whenever we go out to eat now.
-Your eating puffs, bread, tortillas, and sometimes rice.
-You HAVE to have some teeth coming in!!

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