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Monday, April 19, 2010

whole lot of catching up...

Saturday we were out @ the ball field most of the afternoon. Punkin' just loves it out there which makes me happy. It is great outside time for us!

Playing with a gum ball for the first time...He quickly learned its something he doesn't want to put in his mouth!
Aunt Kathy came out to the game too! We kept that hat on Punkin' so his head wouldn't get burnt!

Saturday night was Uncle G's Junior Prom. He took Hannah Cooper who lives across the street. I did the whole picture thing for mom...across the street & then at a big place with 11 other couples.

With his Uncle G all dressed up lookin' nice!
So much to see on Hannah's dress! :O
Hannah & G getting on the "Party Bus!"
Punkin' passed out on his Pops...dad has been waiting 7 months for this day!

Sunday me, dad & Ryder got up and headed to Ouachita to watch some baseball and visit some friends. We were originally going because Adam (@ SAU) was playing OBU that weekend and we wanted to get to see him play. Well...Saturday he hurt himself and didn't get to play Sunday. We still made the trip down there though as planned! Dad ended up watching the game and I had lunch with Allie & Josh, and then we went & saw Great Aunt DeeDee! =)

He loves his Auntie Allie! =)
My crazy child climbed OVER the chair rail to get my cell phone...instead of going AROUND! Haha!!
He finally got stuck, and I had to help him out!

Ryder had his first official "Playdate" today! Braxton came over for a little bit and they had a good time together! I haven't gotten to see Ryder interact with other kids much! Braxton is exactly 6 weeks older than Ryder, and by watching them today there is a HUGE difference in that time frame! Braxton can crawl alot faster, and is DEF. into ALOT more things--Pulling open cabinets, drawers etc. I learned that our house is DEF. NOT baby proof! Ha! Braxton used to be alot bigger than Ryder, but now they weight about the same, but Braxton has a few inches on Ryder! Ha! Like I said...6 weeks doesn't seem like alot, but it IS!

Two SWEET boys!
Always sleeping crazy...(excuse the crib! ha!) They actually both went to sleep at the same time!
Braxton napping on his pallet!
Cute lil boys!
Looking outside @ the pretty day!

I am WOOOORN out! Neither one of them were bad, two just MAKES A DIFFERENCE! I don't know how mother's of multiples do it! PHEWWWW!

Book Report due tomorrow...only half way done! But needed to catch up on the weekend first!

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