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Friday, April 2, 2010

one year ago...


I had full intentions of posting yesterday, but we just had so many things going & visitors, it didn't happen!

One year ago yesterday, yes April Fool's Day, we found out our lil man was a BOY! =) I'll never forget, I was so nervous/excited, but didn't want them to play a trick on me saying it was one thing when it really wasn't, because it was April Fool's Day! AHHH!

I took off work early to meet Jake & his mom at Market Place for lunch, then we all headed to LR. Jake and I went back to the ultrasound room, he made his mom wait in the waiting room. We weren't in there long when she had paused the picture on the screen....it was ALLLLL boy. She didn't say anything, just sat there. Jake & I thought we knew what it was, but we didn't want to just ASSUME! We both had tears of joy! Everything else with the ultrasound looks great, and we couldn't wait to get to the waiting room to tell his mom! She cried as well...and I was immediately on the phone texting away to everyone I knew that it was a BOY and his name would be Jacob Ryder!

ALL boy! I love you so much lil Punkin' and still find it hard to believe you are MINE!

Random pics from this week...
My lil duck butt fast asleep! Getting ready for Easter!
This child never sleeps the same!
Supporting our Wampus Cats on Game Day!
Walking to Kroger with Mommy...such a good boy the whole time!
Punkin' got a lil too hott on the way back from Kroger, and crashed out as soon as we got home!

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