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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

6 month Check Up

We had Punkin's 6 month well child check today...yeah kinda late, but it's okay! He was soo good as always! He cried for a bout 2 seconds after his shots, but then I picked him up & he was GREAT! We went to Belk to get a few things, and it was just so pretty outside we decided to stroll to a few more stores, just to look...we had no reason to buy anything!

Weight: 17 lbs. 13 oz. 42%tile
Length: 27 inch. 56%tile
Head Cirm: 171/4 inch. 40%tile

Doing MUCH better than we were in the beginning, especially with our weight!

Punkin got a hold of my shoes this morning! He was TOO funny, and of course he found the tag still on them!

Then I found him like THIS! He had dumped ALL the toys out of the basket, as usual, and had turned it over and proceeded to stick his head inside of it...all because there was a hidden tag inside! HA! CRAZZZZZY BOY!--But I love him to DEATH! =) Sometimes I still can't believe he's mine, and that I carried him past full term...and he's almost 7 months old...and HE'S MINE! WOW!

This boy is TOO funny, and just keeps me laughing ALL DAY LONG!

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