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Saturday, March 13, 2010

6 months!

These are the best pictures...but I took what I could get! Sporting our "Good Luck Charmer" shirt for St. Patty's day month!

What Lil' Mans been up to!
-Reaching and grabbing @ EVERYTHING!
-Loves his momma! He leans his face against mine all the time...too sweet!
-In #2 diapers now...which is nice!
-Wearing 6-9 month clothing.
-Started rasberry-ing just today...spitting every where!
-Eating three solid meals a day. Usually cereal & fruit for breakfast, veggie & fruit for lunch & veggie for dinner.
-Loving bath time...and took our first bath in the kitchen sink.
-Totally sitting up on his own..don't really worry about him following over any more.
-Still trying to get him to crawl, not having it JUST yet!
-Wakes up most mornings a/r six and if I don't have class, I'll put him in bed with me.
-He loves his KeeKee & Pops and loves when they walk in the door from work every night!
-Jumps SO SO SO much in his exersaucer...sometimes I can't even hear the TV!
-Will jump on anybodies lap if they let him
-Vocal ALL the time!
-So curious when we go out on the town
-Holding on to things for longer amounts of time...not dropping them as much
-Laughs @ us all the time...when we laugh, he laughs!
-LOOOOVES the outdoors!
-Shacking rattles alot more than he used to
-Getting pretty easy to put down to sleep. Just needs his paci and blankie!
-Starting to cuddle with his giraffe in his crib.
-We are pretty much solid on one morning nap usually 10-11 and an afternoon nap...1 or 2-3 or 4
-Dirty diapers are SOLID...pretty much all the time. WAHOO!
-We all know when he's poopin...he grunts & makes this TERRIBLE face!
-He poops on average three times a day...sometimes more sometimes less.
-Loves riding in the car...just new things to see!
-Almost too long for the car seat! Who ever thought!?
-Will sometimes sleep on his back if he feels like it

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