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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our Weekend!

Thursday night the weather was so pretty we ventured out to Uncle G's baseball game. They were playing Catholic, which usually means it's gonna be a pretty good game! Ryder just LOVED it, and was soaking EVERYTHING in! Everybody just passed him around and fought over him half the time! He was a happy happy baby all night!

We're gonna have to get him some Wampus Cat blue, because he doesn't have ANY! :O

Friday night we took a trip to Target, and ate a Dixie Cafe for a change. Punkin' sat in his high chair the whole time and nibbled on a gazillion crackers! HA!

Me and my sweet boy! Mommy forgot a BIB! OH MY!

I had gotten him a sippy cup at Target the night before, because he figured he was ready to try it out! I figured it might take a few tries, but he was all about it! I think it was alot harder to work though for him compared to a bottle, but he did great!

I put it in front of him to see what he would do...GRAB IT of course!
"What am I supposed to do with this?"

Finally got him to put his hands in the right place and hold it himself!
My big boy! =)

I put him in a sweet lil spring outfit and some cute shoes, because I thought it was going to be pretty outside for a little photoshoot, but it wasn't!

Just a cute pic of his CHUNKY lil legs!

Saturday we went and ate lunch at Old Chicago with KeeKee & Aunt Kathy! We all got the Oriental Chicken salad and it was so SO good! Punkin' was good the whole time there as well! Just give the kid some crackers and he's good to go!

Being sweet! =)
Gummin; on those crackers!

I went over to the Berg's last night for some food, fun & games...but when I got him Punkin' was all sick and dead dog asleep on KeeKee on his back. He was so congested and stopped up and just couldn't seem to breath and keep his paci in at the same time! Needless to say...I was up ALL night with him. Poor baby...I just put him in the bed with me and had to prop him up on pillows or my should or back all night so he could get could some rest. I got in a few hours! Today he is about the same today...we're just trying to pamper him and get him to feeling better. Vicks on his feet with socks, and the booger sucker, and saline drops are what we got going on!


  1. Kati,

    He is stinkin precious!! Wow! I hadn't seen any good pics of him until I stumbled across your blog. Looks like you're doing such a great job with him! I might need some lessons... hopefully we've got a while for that though! I'm scared to death!

  2. Jordan...I just saw your comment today! Thank you so much, you have no idea what a BLESSING and JOY they really are! It will just all come natural i SO promise! It's the best thing in the world!


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