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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

bad blog mama

I have been a bag blog mama the past few days. I figured I would update a little bit on what we've been up to.

Saturday was a big day for us. I got up early & went & got my hair cut! ALOT! I'm really happy with it...I kept telling myself I was gonna let it grow out...but this awkward stage just did me in Friday morning and I called an made an appointment. After that Ryder & I grabbed some yummy lunch @ TGI Friday's with our friend Dapple & then headed to Target to help her with her baby registry! It was so much fun...and made me realize all the lil things I missed out on not having a girl. But oh well...I'm happy with my lil punkin'! =) Target was soooo crowded, but what do you expect on a pretty Saturday afternoon...people were OUT and ABOUT! Saturday night we had dinner with Auntie Abbey & Auntie Kelly @ El Parian....a new Mexican place for me. Ryder sat in a high chair for the first time there. I haven't been putting him in one, even though he can sit up on his own cause I've been waiting to get a high chair cover but I'll just have to wait a little more! Ha! He has gotten to where he is into EVERYTHING @ restaurants, and it's just easier to set him in there & scoot him away from the table than hold him and have to say "No No" every 2 seconds! It was so good to see these girls & catch up on alot of things!

Sunday we headed to church & punkin' looked oh so cute I made add! It was his second time in the nursery & they said he just bounced & jumped around the whole time! I picked him up a/r 12:30 and he hadn't slept! I was shocked! He hadn't slept ALL morning! Needless to say he was crashed out before we left the parking lot!

Monday after class Ryder laid down and I was just gonna lay down with him for a lil while. Well....apparently we were both super tired...we slept from 10:30 to 2! I felt like my day had disappeared. But I wouldn't change a nap with my lil one for anything!

Today we got up & got around and went to the bank to close a few accounts & take care of some other business, went to Hobby Lobby to get some supplies for some projects I've been working on for Luke & Jenn's baby shower this weekend, and then we went & grabbed lunch with Pop's @ Chick-Fil-A. I sure do love that place, and the Christian music inside is even better! I looked @ all the kids running around in the jungle gym and thought "I'll have one in there in a few years!" Dad said..."Yeah...hanging from the rafters!" HaHa! I put him in a high chair in there as well...he wanted EVERYTHING that was on the table, the Honey BBQ sauce, the napkins, the fork, knife...my drink--he is very attracted to things with straws! Ha! Towards the end he got fussy and did his high pitch girl scream! OMG! What's a mom to do? I loaded him up as fast as I could and jetted out the door...all while kinda laughing @ how BAD my child was acting! Ha! He was turning heads & everything! Once again...he was passed out before we left the parking lot. Poor thing fights it so bad!

Class in the morning & then who knows what the day will hold! Picture post maybe?!

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