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Friday, March 12, 2010

bad blog mom...

So...I've been a bad blog mama this week. I blame it on the presentation that was due Tuesday night, the HUGE math (Number Systems) test Wednesday, and two essays due on Friday. PHEWW....glad this week is OVER. Ryder has been great all week, so that is a HUGE blessing. I have an article due on Monday, but it shouldn't be very hard. One more week till Spring Break! Wish I was going some where...maybe we'll venture to Little Rock one day with KeeKee! Ha! :P

Here a few pics from the last week or so...I'm gonna do his 6 month post later & separate.

Just a lil photo shoot one day!
This picture is SO unattractive, but I juts had to post it...I guess he was yelling @ me & I caught it!
Bath time one night...reaching for the camera of course!
Playing with Pops one night!

Lovin' our Razorback pajamas...just like Mr. Mark!
I guess...two weekends ago we went out to eat with Kelly & Abbey! It was so good to see them and Ryder enjoyed them as well!
With Abbey...check out all that slobber!
Sweet punkin' was all twisted up in the bed one night.
We went to a baby shower last Saturday & I won this bottle full of pacifier shaped sweet tarts b/c I guess closest to the correct amount (1700 something..) & Ryder automatically grabbed it and tried to drink out of it! It was a little too large, and nothing came out for him!
Auntie Allie came & stayed with us last Friday night and Ryder just LOVED her!
He has something for cell phone...iPhones in particular!

Punkin's first bath in the sink. He just splashed & splashed!
Someone was a little sleepy!
The weather has been so PRETTY this week, and we went out on the back patio to enjoy it!
Punkin' just LOOOVED it!

No exciting news this weekend. We are going to a baby shower tomorrow in LR so that will be fun! Other than that...we're just gonna enjoy this weather!

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