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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2 posts in one day...WHAT?

-Sorry for the lack of Ryder pics lately...he's still cute as ever! Ha!
-I started back up "30 day shredding" tonight...
-I decided no more sweet tea for me. Water & Sonic diet coke w/ vanilla ONLY.
-My professor @ school today said "That's pretty f'd up" (talking about the watergate scandal) WELCOME TO UCA OBU TRANSFER STUDENT. lol...
-LOST is just completely insane. @ least I still know what's going on.
-Punkin' is starting to throw these fits when you aren't in the same room as him. He screams like a GIRL & puts his arms out and just starts shaking!
-It's sad that I see people around town I know I went to HS with, but I can't even remember their name or what year they were! ECCCK!
-We played outside for a little bit today, but came him cause the wind was blowing too hard.
-I'm excited about the baby shower I'm going to on Saturday! =)
-yes...2 posts in one day! WAHOO!

-Maybe I won't nap tomorrow when Ryder naps and I'll upload some pics of little man! He misses ya'll too! =)

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